Where is This ?

Let me introduce you to


These pictures come for one part from an arab blog where you will find more,

and for another part from a french jewish one,

Now, if you make a Google search (just "GAZA"),

in english ,
you will find among the whole results page of pictures
only one such photo as those above here,
with the bonus of a video:

If you do the same one word search in french, you will find
some ten such pages, ten times more,

but, in the Google page of search results,
there are 720 (-1 or -10) pictures depicting Gaza
as worse than anything in the world.

So, I invite you to google

Darfur Tragedy,
or, India Poverty,
or Guatemala Malnutrition,

or Afghanistan Horrors,
a country caught between islamic madness and NWO evil war,
probably the worst country in the whole world today to be a woman,
or a child,

or so many more total misery,

"852 million people in the world – roughly three times the population of the United States – are malnourished, and 799 million of them live in the developing world.",

so that you will know

where are the true genocides happening TODAY,
and, if you don't, you have no excuse whatsoever because
all is under your eyes,

in the World Wide Web !!

(Do they look to suffer from malnutrition our terrorist trained neighbors ?
or depressed from israeli pressure ?
or deprived from shopping tourism ?

No, no, only a little indoctrinated for the "good cause",
to send the jews to the sea,
exactly like what they are slowly
but surely doing with europeans:

and with the USA,

who really rules America ?

Oh !! and by the way, for those that still believe
some jews are helping the US,
the hidden satanists who pull the strings of the USA puppet leaders
like Mind Controlled Obama,

I say,

for those that still believe
some jews are guilty of sharing and inviting the propagation
of US state terror in the world,

let me tell them that those so-called jews
have nothing jewish at all, nada !!

These so-called jews live in the States,
get blood money from the States,
take their walking orders

from nazi satanists,
from Vatican black popes,
from german or japanese based
(yes, the ones "defeated" in WW2)

from european nobility
(yes, the ones guillotined in 1789)
owning EU corporations,

from the US big banks and corporations
(yes, the ones that financed the lightning
ascension of the National Socialist Party from 1933
AND just before that,
the russian "revolution" - in both cases to get rid of the monarchies
as they did in France 100 years before as a first trial),

from arabic petro-dollars,

I say,

that some so-called jews use their "jewish" names
to put the blame on the jews globally
and on Israel locally,

that these so-called jews raise a universal hate
against a people that has NOTHING to do with them,
that suffer from them exactly like anyone in the world,
that is oppressed by the very 'clique' of evil rulers,
of mad scientists and of blood based corporate leaders,

yes, there are so-called jews that promote the general
war against humanity fought by devil leaders
who hate anything really jewish.

Get it ??

Those guys are having the peoples of the world
fighting each others, accusing each others,
killing each others,

blacks, whites, jews, gays, christians, muslims,
communists, atheists, left, right...


CAPITO ?????

- and yes, some of them are in Israel,
in the masonic high court of "justice"
of Jerusalem for example,

in the president's home,
in the defense ministry,
in the bank of Israel,
in the universities,
... -

and they live on the same
blood money
their so-called "jewish" peers
from the States do,

they have us die for their lust
of unlimited power,

but they are no jews,

they pray the horned beast,
they spit on every
faith based people,

be they believing

Those people have
the jewish identity,

like islamic terrorists
have hijacked
the arab identity,

like the NWO leaders
have hijacked
the christian identity,

are destroying

and planet earth.

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