Knights of the 'Lost Freedom': ........ The Paradox (Pt1)

"Know What ? You're The Hero !"

Who ever said some people, some laws, some institutions, some governments, some NGOs have to provide humanity with freedom, with liberty, with happiness ??

Answer: the ones who have for centuries, for millenaries the habit of being oppressed, of being used, of being enslaved.

Are human babies born with chains, with helmets, without loving parents ? Yes, for those who are born from enslaved men and women, enslaved by poverty, by misery, by illness, by debts, by depravation.

But, these people are in such a condition not because they want it, neither because they deserve it but because some people have made them who they are, because evil is on the side of strength, because people who lead are not good and merciful toward their less skilled brothers, because power corrupts only corrupted people from start.

So, now that there is a whole population of enslaved humans, these same people that are guilty of enslaving others come and say: "look, we'll provide you with laws, with police, with armies that will protect your "rights" to BECOME free.

Hypocrites walk with straight heads and good consciousness don't they ? Do we really believe that we are naturally born into servitude that there is nothing more to do about it than accepting the tools given to us for "reconquering" our so-called lost freedom from the same people who have thrown chains around our necks ?

What must also be understood is that wars, extremism and terrorism, including of course false flag operations, are the pretext for usual forms of oppression to go on flourishing under the guise of established religions, states and laws protecting ... "natural" enslavement of humanity.


To See the Evil is to Defeat it !
(well, nearly !)

Before watching the following videos that are unique in clearly explaining
the roots of today voluntary servitude, please have a look to this site:

In the page called "Victims of DU"
(depleted uranium)
you will see the most terrible mayhem
the so-called most reknown democracy
of the world is able to do to innocent civilians
that pose no threat whatsoever to America.




Videos of Stephan MOLYNEUX
(WARNING about Molyneux's Hidden Agenda)

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