Knights of the 'Lost Freedom': ........ The Paradox (Pt2)

In exactly the same way governments make you think that their main task is to provide you with liberty and freedom, religions make you believe that they provide you with God.

No government, no freedom ?
No religion, No God ?

In fact, as far as humanity emerged from the animal kingdom, one of its first desires had been to search for God. Scientists today firmly believe that faith is hard-wired in the human mind (http://neurowhoa.blogspot.com/2009/02/how-your-brain-creates-god.html).

Religions are simply building on the human brain's 'default mode' to harvest a crop of believers and trap them in their nests, just like democracies picked up their followers because of the natural desire of liberty after centuries of apparent enslavement. Then, they collude with the established secular powers to keep in their churches the deceived people that naively enough welcome their high priests to feed them with (so-called) faith as they welcome their presidents to give them (so-called) freedom.

Children ask a lot of questions because they want answers, and they want answers because they truly believe that everything around has a 'raison d'etre'. They view the world as a giant puzzle and their small but acute reasoning tell them to put all the pieces in order so that they will find their own place in the puzzle.

As they grow older, they put together many parts of the world but, many more remain in the dark without fitting a specific place. Since they are desperately seeking to have these out of the chessboard pieces enter the frame, they will end accepting weird theories, unrealistic schematics because the need of order supercedes the quality of the answers.

There are two main reasons why many pieces do not fit the general frame. The first and easily explained is because "nobody knows", like 'what was there before the beginning of the universe', or, 'what is there after death', the second is because good answers are simply hidden, by people who don't want humanity to learn about them, under the guise of normality.

Religions seem to be the 'normal' way to express one's faith in God like voting looks like being the natural way to express one's freedom; in both cases, you can choose between several options not knowing that they all lead to ... Rome, to organised global slavery.

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The Whole Speach:

To conclude, I will try to answer a question that will undoubtly arise: "that reasoning is one of an atheist anarchist" !!

Well, on the contrary, I do believe in God and I am convinced that humanity cannot exist without a government, only, a true one that outlaws evil and really protects morality*, the base of mankind. And, it is not only an urgent matter, it is a question of survival !!!

Our problem is that the governments we have are the main source of criminality and that the religions concurently the main source of atheism.

Governments protect depravation to be able to 'furnish' (a varnish of) freedom in the same way religions allow sin to 'furnish' (an appearance of) pardon.

In fact, I have hope in mankind against the odds. I am deeply convinced that wars between peoples, fights between neighbours are not a fatality, that we must reach the point where we realize that all of earth's leading powers are building on our misconducts, our moral lapses to milk us at their will and more than that, that they encourage our mistakes as much as they can (read Henri MAKOW).

God, whoever you call Him, has to have faith in us too because, He knows the beginning and the end, there is no time arrow for Him, and, if He had not the prior knowing that we will succeed in setting ourselves free for good, I doubt he would have created us to become such a failing species !!!

The closer reasoning to mine I found until now is that of Gerald SCHROEDER of which I copy the overview of his last book, "God According to God" (http://geraldschroeder.com/AccordingToGod.aspx):

"In this groundbreaking exploration, a biblical scholar and M.I.T.-trained physicist combines decades of research to change the debate between religion and science, presenting a new paradigm of how to understand God.
Gerald Schroeder has spent his career revealing the hand of God in the intricate discoveries of physics. Now, for the first time, he turns his attention to this Force, examining both the Bible and the physical world to discover the true nature of God - God according to God.
Schroeder argues that we have ignored those traits of God we find unappealing, replacing them with our personal desire for the all-knowing, all-loving, neverchanging deity that so many worship today. This leads to the age-old problem: How can there be such a God when the world is filled with tragedy? Yet Schroeder reveals that this troubling juxtaposition is really smoke and mirrors. The God revealed in the Bible is 100 percent compatible with the world as we know it today. It is our misconception of God that causes the disparity. In fact, the concept of God that atheists rail against and that believers defend is inaccurate.
In God According to God, Schroeder presents a compelling case for the true God, a dynamic God who is still learning how to relate to creation. The key to God's action in the world, says Schroeder, can be found in a well-known verse in Exodus that is typically translated "I am that which I am." Schroeder's correction that it should be translated "I will be that which I will be" reveals a God that changes Its presence to fit the ever-changing world.
This opens our eyes to other characteristics of God that we have long overlooked despite their being present in some of the most popular stories in the Bible - a God who regrets (the flood of Noah), a God who wants us to argue with Him (Jacob wrestling with God in the desert), and thus a God who changes His mind (Moses convinces God to spare the Israelite people), and a God who allowed nature, and the creation itself, from the very start, to rebel (Adam's and Eve's betrayal in Eden).
With riveting chapters on the origins of life, a scientist's view of creation, and the unique place of our planet in the galaxy, God According to God offers a radical paradigm shift that will forever change how we understand God."



A Government ...

That does care for the citizens it represents and does not:

- 'indebt' them
- jail them
- poison them with
trash food
trash culture
trash medicine
trash law
- divide them
- pack them in
- enlist them

in one word, cut them from who they are:


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