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The Need of a Blank Page

Unlike animals that live every moment as a new beginning because their experiment of life is not separate from their instinct in their decision making, human beings carry a quite heavy personal and social past. If intelligence proves to be an asset in creating technology leading to world domination, it may really be a disadvantage in reaching happiness and prosperity ! Until mankind proves the contrary, the animal kingdom is superior to humanity !!!

Animals have all what we have except that they are limited in the expression of their needs. They are not "programmed" to be able to want more than what they need to lead their normal life. Animals will play, think, love, live together just like we do, but they won't go beyond what their natural behavior needs to accomplish. Animals act to live and, on the contrary, human beings live to act. We live to play, to think, to love, and if we can't do all that together, we will coerce, force or suppress the other to the extent of being inhumane, of becoming destroyers of life.

Humanity has gone through marvellous civilizations but none of them has achieved a stable state of prosperity. The last form is our current worldwide capitalistic society that hasn't better accomplished the dream of mankind than the formers. Wars, slavery, death and dispair are the lot of the majority. The need to change the path of our current reality grows more urgent day by day. But, when we feel the obliged need to change the basis of our society, one could think it might be easier to find the support on which to apply a lever and move the earth !!

Is there no hope ? I hope not ...

The first thing to do is to acknowledge the perfect reality of the universe, of the earth that we are part of. We must take a humble approach to it. Our first desire must be to protect the world from ourselves, now that we know that we can hurt it to the point where we can destroy it and that noone might survive.

The second thought must be for us, the people. Whoever he is, man must be seen together as the most virtually perfect creature and as the most endangered species because of its ability to overtake his needs and change itself into a self conditionned robot submitted to abnormal desires.

This is the 'blank page' everyone should take into account before moving alone and collectively.

Happiness is Not a Goal BUT a Given

When in the past, civilizations died, that was local events. Today, the civilization has become global, not much because of cultural trend but rather of economic power. The worldwide corporations that impose their market laws to all nations of the world (supported by their bought leaders) must not be fought globally but locally.

THE Question is:

Are WE so DUMB of a Species that WE Need Government
protected Corporations to Throw us

into Debts ?
into Wars ?
into Injustice ?
into Misery ?
into Health Crisis ?
into Computer Slavery ?

into Living Deads ?

Corporations and Governments use YOUR abnormal lust for power, for domination,
to make of YOU their voluntary slaves, their militias, their sheriffs, their Things.

Instead of learning to be loving fathers, you learn to be the best producing machines.
Instead of learning to be caring mothers, you learn to be 'independent' dreamers.
Instead of learning to be happy children, they learn to be artificial robots.

The world we are taught to adapt to is an artificial image of humanity,
FAR, FAR, FAR away
from what man really is, could be, must be to SURVIVE.

We are on the way of the First AND LAST global civilization collapse !!!
And this time, because it is global, with no return ticket.

Tainted food, manmade deadly epidemics and deadlier vaccines,
growing inequality worldwide despite "progress",
unending artificial wars, religious and tribal conflicts,
police and corporate oppression at home and at work,
climate artificial modifications, animal kingdom disappearing,
and so much more daily ... enough or not enough ??

day after day, year after year.
This is a BIG BUSINESS on the back of MANKIND
promoted by Corporations, Governments and Religions.

As long as you see the other as different, as a potential enemy,
some satanic people can eat on your back, and BIG.

The day we will consider each other with love, with respect, with identical rights to share the same world, to nurture it, the day we will see the evil where it is and will unite to say goodbye to it, goodbye to military mind, to corporate and education deadly competition, to possessing egoism, to plain hate of our neighbor for no reason, we will discover the Paradise that was waiting for us all the time, we will awake to the reality of expressing every individual talent, like bees or ants in their world, we will add our capacities to help each other, to complete one another by our unending personal abilities instead of competing for the same debilitating tasks, instead of excluding one another from some trivial rewards, we will dump the casinos to the garbage and at last breathe deeply and freely the oxygen around us, we will reopen our eyes to the blue sky without chemtrails that is for all of us, we will understand that we are free, that freedom is not a goal but a given, that we are built-in for love, that we are no human livestock collaterals for the debt of a handful of depraved serial killers, that liberty does not need laws or constitutions, that equality is up to us on the spot, that fraternity is the highest reward we can obtain in our lives, like that !! NOW !!!
(Hey ! what a sentence isnt'it ?)

It is striking when you look at videos of poor people in the world that they still hope, that despite their immense plights, they have not forget what smiling is. Every baby knows how to laugh pretty soon. Mankind doesn't need school, neither commandments to be taught that joy exists, that good fortune is its best part of life.

The Duty to Fill the Page

To recapture the identity and the specifics of each CHILD, and WOMAN, and MAN in the world, we ought to slowly bite small parts of economic and governemental power everywhere, in all fields at the same time, TOGETHER. Neighbourhood by neighbourhood, we must find good people, wise and honest, humble but strong, that could become our 'elders', not 'of zion' but like the ones Ythro advised Moise to assemble in order to share with him the task of leading the community in day to day life, before there were judges, before there were kings.

Those men and women would not be directors but representatives of the common goal in front of of the accomplishments of the 'workers', the 'share holders' of the collective project of retaking our destiny in our hands and by so doing, depriving the capitalists agents of their power on us. This is the contrary of a communist way because all will come from down to top, taking into account the opinions of everyone and not moving forward until everyone fully agrees.

The goal is to become independant, locally but everywhere, to become able to provide our own food, energy, housing, education, employment, transportation ... This process cannot get through without renouncing to some luxury and this would be good. Many cars could be replaced locally by horses and carts for example, but, in case of success, big companies will pray that we go on using their services, but this time, in our profit, not theirs, and under our own rules, not theirs.

In doing so, most of the chinese plight of working endless shifts for a few pennies to feed the world with useless junk will cease. China will be able to be free because its regime won't get the financial support of international trade anymore. No more arm manufacturers, no more slavery in Asia to benefit a handful of world crooks.

This idea can look too simple, too naive, but why not think about it, perfect it, share it ? I am not the best one around to perfect such a concept ! But I sincerely believe that there is something to try in this way, as weak as it might seem at first glance. Anyway, it would rather be time trying to build man's beautiful dreams than buying ready made wicked nightmares, don't you think ?

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  1. It is so refreshing to know that the truth has not been extinguished ....you are 100% pure, true, and we need more of you


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