It is a curious sentiment in life when one feels to have lost ground. It can happen to anyone and it is the desult of distress, of disbelief in that, all what one has been accustomed with until that moment loses its sense, its goal. Suddenly, Suddenly, one says that he loses the ground because he loses his faith in everything he is, and concurrently, one loses his trust in the past, the roots of his present situation, trust in the future, because everything one believes has been erased. The lost in faith extends from oneself to all the exixtence, including all the people around, sometime except one or some particular individuals.

Then, one enters some sort of parallel world, an unipolar existence where all is seen through the magnifying lense of the search of the causes that triggered the event. This period is a mental isolation, and its circumstances are bringing a lowered interest, a disbelief of all that is going on in the society, including the people's value  but also the people's scale of values. This mentally created isolation is sought after by the one who has lost ground, and is enriched and continually provided with the fule of resentment. This behaving is not all that exceptional and what I have described as an event that engulfs all the individual, such a behaviour is too often existing in small amounts that are diluted by day to day life.

When one is too much engulfed in a 'loosing ground' path without knowing it as in the first case, you don't call it losing ground anymore but un-adaptation. One believes and is made to believe that his inadaptation is his fault and that it must be treated because he is not 'normal'. As if one wanted to be inadapted, as if the inadaptation was the cause and not the result. People who go through the high seas of disbelief must be weary not to become angry, against themselves and others. Because one sees usually no issue in such sorrow events, the 'natural' way is to blame everything and everyone. Light has been buried and all is in the shadows where nothing is white, but neither all black because the last belief in such situations is believing that faith can still exist, somewhere, sometime. You have no more faith but you may still have faith in having faith again one day.

As I said, the danger in such a situation is to become angry and to begin thinking about death, revenge, to enter a spiral of dark thoughts. The way out will be ,if there must be one, a grain of life, real life, God created life, a flower, a smile, a 'souvenir', a 'madeleine' but not a crime, as small as a bad word. The biggest suffering in life comes from one another and not only directly but by the world we have created and by the way its 'naturality' impacts over how we see ourselves and understand life for what we think it is. The way out of mankind is an awakening to the fact that resentment, as natural as it is, as an important gate to go through it might be is not an end in itself. We're here to create in any possible situation hope and to believe individually and collectively in this reality we all have to create: "Give hope a hope".

And this, people, this is wakening up for doing good, for not accepting the distress because we would not want to bring a stone to the pyramid of darkness, my stone, your stone to the altar of Moloch, Eugenics, destroying the human race in a race for profit and power through giving to manking=d a distorted image of who he is. Why pauverty is important ? Because a poor can be ruled upon. Because it is a permanent image of depravation, a permanent billboard in the face of all, every God given day. We are the poors and 'they' are the powerful, the 'learned', the Normality. People, let us not impose upon ourselves this wrong image, let's break the mirror, let's look at one another with bright glances, with openness, with respect, with calm, with trust because we all know the ones who are really to be distrusted and whom we will get eradicated by our own will, if we wanted.

When one lost grounds, he has to do as sailors do: they grisp the sea before it grisps themselves, and as long as it takes to win, or die in one's fight for life. Life will take many sailors but they have grasped life because they have fought for it. Sailors hang on to life and grasp it but not the way most people do in a house. They have the chance to the contrary of house life to love the unpredictable side of it in the weather changing. and their boat's course. They have no uses to protect, they are not bound by the four oclock tea but by the horizon, by the small air that puffs on top the higher mast. And they know the price of a flower, of a smile because both they usually keep as the hope to hope ....

The fight for hope is the last place to stand as a man, the edge of the cliff. This is the tiny parts of oxygen that is essential for every canari to live, for every creature to breath freely. This fight is an art, is art in itself would say Jon rappoport. The fight for life is the fight for hope in the winning of human dignity even when and where there is none, ask a cat !

And to close that account, I won't ever praise whoever believes humanity, or any part of it must be saved, will be saved by whoever it is, even God. I myself believes we still have to save ourselves and that we can do it, God willing ? Will there be something new under the skies ?? Don't ask my neighbor's cat !

Yes, ! I for one don't want to be saved by no one except humankind because this is my place, my life, where I come from and where my children will live. I'm a man, from planet earth. This is what I believe in and what else my God ? God ?? Too late, I already believe in Him. And what for ??? Again, to be saved of myself ? Of my own kind ? Better fight, as a sailor. ... As sailors of the same boat, isnt'it, in the end ?

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