Mankind's Time Limit Before Revolution will be NO MORE Possible

The Nazis have NOT been Defeated

Capitalism and communism are both manufactured systems of mass enslaving. They are the normal side of the ruling of humanity. To have these systems accepted by the sheep, even if they are proven sources of injustice, the hidden leaders of the game must resort to inflicting greater evil to the masses from time to time. They create dictatorships with which 'normal' regimes will be delighted to fight with as a front for liberty.

Nazism was one of their out of the box creations. In its form, it took the shape of Nazi Germany but in its essence, it never ceased to exist. The arsonist extinguished his fire to take back the nations into “normality” that means natural bondage. Killing you softly with “liberty”.

The Robotic Warfare Threat

There is no doubt to any moral grounded spirit that our present and past civilizations have created the worse human damaging systems that could be. The base of these dictatorial governments, even when they are hidden behind social or liberal fronts, is their coercive means for imposing their repressive will.

This coercion power is based on arms. However, these arms don’t operate without human manpower, for now on and, this is where humanity must fear a point of no return.

Science is moving fast and we are far from knowing the edge of the discoveries made in the secret vaults of the defense establishments of the USA, Russia, Europe, China, Japan ... Until now, a fighter jet has to be driven by a pilot, a rocket must be launched by pushing a button after having it locked up on its target.

Robotic technology must be very advanced now. I don't have data and even the best informed people in the world might not know what is secretly happening in that field. We know that there are already unmanned drones operating, that a lot of civil robots exist in the automotive construction, the medical world and other parts of advanced technology domains.

I am far from being an expert but, what I know is that there is a time when a handful of people will be able to manage a remote control robotic army with terrible lethal possibilities without any need of manpower in the field. This may come sooner than later, maybe some years away rather than some decades. When this will be, humanity is doomed for ever at the hand of the few evil leaders who dream of being the world dominators, and we know very well they exist.


A Voice in the Desert

Today, they still need soldiers to hold the arms and we could still defeat them in refusing all together to play their deadly game. Tomorrow, it will not be possible anymore. The peace revolution of the sixties was a beautiful dream except it had been mostly engineered by the same people who on the other side were sending young men to Vietnam.

Today that we know all the conspiracies that have been deceiving our fathers, today that we ought to understand the lies that some devil preachers are spreading day after day, there has come a time when, with the help of internet, humanity should set itself free from these bloodsuckers, all at once and in a matter of days.

Anything less than a onetime global movement will fail and be repressed locally and forever. We should stop serving in the military of every nation of the world, defect from all the armies of the world, leave empty all the bases, all the facilities that manufacture weapons. Each and every man should leave the military forces of all nations of the world. This would stop the wars at once, give back all the money needed to feed, to educate, to nurture the most precious living species on earth, Mankind.

"They" have advanced plans to get through their world government and very soon, they won’t need any men to implement it.

The Link Between Education and Army

One sentence to say that most of the failings in the education system are destined to provide the ranks of army manpower with delusional young people that feel the need to be recognized as a productive part of their countries and, because they failed in the normal education process, they don’t see any other way to achieve their desire than enlisting in the army.


The Origin of the Dark Forces that Wish to Enslave the World

As the world has become global during the 20th century, there are two main forces who are at war with humanity to reign supreme: Masonic (or NWO, Illuminati, Western Capitalist Insiders, ...) and Islamist, and consequently, they are at war between one another. Those two world conquest factions did not come from nowhere but in fact, they have a pretty long history which birth was uniquely revealed by the Torah.

Behind the Masonic and Islamic entities that are wishing to enslave the world are hiding the two principal enemies of the Jewish people –and of mankind-, Esau (Essav) and Ismael (Ishmael). God did prophesize the fate of the inheritance of these two sinister ancestors:

- about Ishmael : Gen.16/"10 And the angel of the LORD said unto her: 'I will greatly multiply thy seed, that it shall not be numbered for multitude. 12 And he shall be a wild ass of a man: his hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the face of all his brethren.'".
- about Essav: Gen.27/"39 And Isaac his father answered and said unto him: Behold, of the fat places of the earth shall be thy dwelling, and of the dew of heaven from above; ...41 And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith his father blessed him. And Esau said in his heart: 'Let the days of mourning for my father be at hand; then will I slay my brother Jacob.'"

The difference between the two prophecies comes from the birth of the two men. Ishmael was not the son of Abraham's wife, so his fate was sealed by this fact only. Ishmael will remain an outsider to everyone on earth, not only to Abraham's seed. Because he did not wish to get rid of his half brother, and he was not his personal enemy, God remained with him and allowed him to grow into a great people, but a people that was against all the other people on earth: Gen.21/"20And God was with the lad, and he grew; and he dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer. 21 And he dwelt in the wilderness of Paran; and his mother took him a wife out of the land of Egypt.". Ishmael married an egyptian woman like his mother and, if he did not believe in the God of Abraham, he knew, respected and feared Him, as we know, because he buried his father together with Yitzhak (Gen.25/9).

On the contrary, Essav was Jacob's twin brother (Yaakov) and he could have followed his father's destiny but, he chose not, by his own will, in selling his birthright. From that point on, he didn't receive the blessing that would have entrusted him in the following of Isaac (Yitzhak)'s deeds - and have able him to walk on the path set by the God of Abraham. Then, Essav not only disowned his inheritance but swore to destroy its now legitimate sole representant, his brother, as Cain did. However, to uphold his legitimacy, he would have had first to be under Yaakov's orders (Gen.27/40 "And by thy sword shalt thou live, and thou shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt break loose, that thou shalt shake his yoke from off thy neck.") In any case, Essav would not lower himself to such a position  because he did not believe in his father's God (Gen.25/32 And Esau said: 'Behold, I am at the point to die; and what profit shall the birthright do to me ?'), and neither did he trust his father's destiny because he married a forbidden Hittit woman (Gen.26/34). So, Essav became a virtual Cain, not having killed his brother but desperately wanting to.

God always favored the men who loved Him for Himself and not for a reward, as was the case first with Abel. But, the other, Cain, the one who wanted to be recognized because he believed that he was worth of being favored because of what he thought of himself as being self worthy, the other did not accept the choice of God and because of the preference, he viewed the preferred as his enemy and wanted to destroy him so as to remain the only one to be able to receive God's favor.

Beyond Nazis and Islamists, there is a third force at work that in Jewish custom is called Amalek. This force is linked straight to the fallen Angel that has woved to fight against humanity since its creation to prove God that His wish to set man free was a wrong move, that mankind is incapable to prove itself a loving and grateful species toward its Creator.

This force is represented by the hidden prophets of death that are at the core of all other forces that wish to enslave the world.

In short, there are 3 ennemies of mankind that are also the 3 ennemies of the Jewish people:

- Islam, that wants to conquer the world and rule over all humanity, the jews first, then,

- there is a greater evil than Islam, Essav, who wants to get rid

of jews and "monotheistic" religions, islam and christianity.

- And there is a greater ennemy than Essav which want to destroy all mankind,

that is Amalek, driven directly by the Satan ...



Where is This ?

Let me introduce you to


These pictures come for one part from an arab blog where you will find more,

and for another part from a french jewish one,

Now, if you make a Google search (just "GAZA"),

in english ,
you will find among the whole results page of pictures
only one such photo as those above here,
with the bonus of a video:

If you do the same one word search in french, you will find
some ten such pages, ten times more,

but, in the Google page of search results,
there are 720 (-1 or -10) pictures depicting Gaza
as worse than anything in the world.

So, I invite you to google

Darfur Tragedy,
or, India Poverty,
or Guatemala Malnutrition,

or Afghanistan Horrors,
a country caught between islamic madness and NWO evil war,
probably the worst country in the whole world today to be a woman,
or a child,

or so many more total misery,

"852 million people in the world – roughly three times the population of the United States – are malnourished, and 799 million of them live in the developing world.",

so that you will know

where are the true genocides happening TODAY,
and, if you don't, you have no excuse whatsoever because
all is under your eyes,

in the World Wide Web !!

(Do they look to suffer from malnutrition our terrorist trained neighbors ?
or depressed from israeli pressure ?
or deprived from shopping tourism ?

No, no, only a little indoctrinated for the "good cause",
to send the jews to the sea,
exactly like what they are slowly
but surely doing with europeans:

and with the USA,

who really rules America ?

Oh !! and by the way, for those that still believe
some jews are helping the US,
the hidden satanists who pull the strings of the USA puppet leaders
like Mind Controlled Obama,

I say,

for those that still believe
some jews are guilty of sharing and inviting the propagation
of US state terror in the world,

let me tell them that those so-called jews
have nothing jewish at all, nada !!

These so-called jews live in the States,
get blood money from the States,
take their walking orders

from nazi satanists,
from Vatican black popes,
from german or japanese based
(yes, the ones "defeated" in WW2)

from european nobility
(yes, the ones guillotined in 1789)
owning EU corporations,

from the US big banks and corporations
(yes, the ones that financed the lightning
ascension of the National Socialist Party from 1933
AND just before that,
the russian "revolution" - in both cases to get rid of the monarchies
as they did in France 100 years before as a first trial),

from arabic petro-dollars,

I say,

that some so-called jews use their "jewish" names
to put the blame on the jews globally
and on Israel locally,

that these so-called jews raise a universal hate
against a people that has NOTHING to do with them,
that suffer from them exactly like anyone in the world,
that is oppressed by the very 'clique' of evil rulers,
of mad scientists and of blood based corporate leaders,

yes, there are so-called jews that promote the general
war against humanity fought by devil leaders
who hate anything really jewish.

Get it ??

Those guys are having the peoples of the world
fighting each others, accusing each others,
killing each others,

blacks, whites, jews, gays, christians, muslims,
communists, atheists, left, right...


CAPITO ?????

- and yes, some of them are in Israel,
in the masonic high court of "justice"
of Jerusalem for example,

in the president's home,
in the defense ministry,
in the bank of Israel,
in the universities,
... -

and they live on the same
blood money
their so-called "jewish" peers
from the States do,

they have us die for their lust
of unlimited power,

but they are no jews,

they pray the horned beast,
they spit on every
faith based people,

be they believing

Those people have
the jewish identity,

like islamic terrorists
have hijacked
the arab identity,

like the NWO leaders
have hijacked
the christian identity,

are destroying

and planet earth.


Knights of the 'Lost Freedom': ........ The Paradox (Pt2)

In exactly the same way governments make you think that their main task is to provide you with liberty and freedom, religions make you believe that they provide you with God.

No government, no freedom ?
No religion, No God ?

In fact, as far as humanity emerged from the animal kingdom, one of its first desires had been to search for God. Scientists today firmly believe that faith is hard-wired in the human mind (http://neurowhoa.blogspot.com/2009/02/how-your-brain-creates-god.html).

Religions are simply building on the human brain's 'default mode' to harvest a crop of believers and trap them in their nests, just like democracies picked up their followers because of the natural desire of liberty after centuries of apparent enslavement. Then, they collude with the established secular powers to keep in their churches the deceived people that naively enough welcome their high priests to feed them with (so-called) faith as they welcome their presidents to give them (so-called) freedom.

Children ask a lot of questions because they want answers, and they want answers because they truly believe that everything around has a 'raison d'etre'. They view the world as a giant puzzle and their small but acute reasoning tell them to put all the pieces in order so that they will find their own place in the puzzle.

As they grow older, they put together many parts of the world but, many more remain in the dark without fitting a specific place. Since they are desperately seeking to have these out of the chessboard pieces enter the frame, they will end accepting weird theories, unrealistic schematics because the need of order supercedes the quality of the answers.

There are two main reasons why many pieces do not fit the general frame. The first and easily explained is because "nobody knows", like 'what was there before the beginning of the universe', or, 'what is there after death', the second is because good answers are simply hidden, by people who don't want humanity to learn about them, under the guise of normality.

Religions seem to be the 'normal' way to express one's faith in God like voting looks like being the natural way to express one's freedom; in both cases, you can choose between several options not knowing that they all lead to ... Rome, to organised global slavery.

(Next 2 Vids: WARNING about Molyneux's Hidden Agenda)

The Whole Speach:

To conclude, I will try to answer a question that will undoubtly arise: "that reasoning is one of an atheist anarchist" !!

Well, on the contrary, I do believe in God and I am convinced that humanity cannot exist without a government, only, a true one that outlaws evil and really protects morality*, the base of mankind. And, it is not only an urgent matter, it is a question of survival !!!

Our problem is that the governments we have are the main source of criminality and that the religions concurently the main source of atheism.

Governments protect depravation to be able to 'furnish' (a varnish of) freedom in the same way religions allow sin to 'furnish' (an appearance of) pardon.

In fact, I have hope in mankind against the odds. I am deeply convinced that wars between peoples, fights between neighbours are not a fatality, that we must reach the point where we realize that all of earth's leading powers are building on our misconducts, our moral lapses to milk us at their will and more than that, that they encourage our mistakes as much as they can (read Henri MAKOW).

God, whoever you call Him, has to have faith in us too because, He knows the beginning and the end, there is no time arrow for Him, and, if He had not the prior knowing that we will succeed in setting ourselves free for good, I doubt he would have created us to become such a failing species !!!

The closer reasoning to mine I found until now is that of Gerald SCHROEDER of which I copy the overview of his last book, "God According to God" (http://geraldschroeder.com/AccordingToGod.aspx):

"In this groundbreaking exploration, a biblical scholar and M.I.T.-trained physicist combines decades of research to change the debate between religion and science, presenting a new paradigm of how to understand God.
Gerald Schroeder has spent his career revealing the hand of God in the intricate discoveries of physics. Now, for the first time, he turns his attention to this Force, examining both the Bible and the physical world to discover the true nature of God - God according to God.
Schroeder argues that we have ignored those traits of God we find unappealing, replacing them with our personal desire for the all-knowing, all-loving, neverchanging deity that so many worship today. This leads to the age-old problem: How can there be such a God when the world is filled with tragedy? Yet Schroeder reveals that this troubling juxtaposition is really smoke and mirrors. The God revealed in the Bible is 100 percent compatible with the world as we know it today. It is our misconception of God that causes the disparity. In fact, the concept of God that atheists rail against and that believers defend is inaccurate.
In God According to God, Schroeder presents a compelling case for the true God, a dynamic God who is still learning how to relate to creation. The key to God's action in the world, says Schroeder, can be found in a well-known verse in Exodus that is typically translated "I am that which I am." Schroeder's correction that it should be translated "I will be that which I will be" reveals a God that changes Its presence to fit the ever-changing world.
This opens our eyes to other characteristics of God that we have long overlooked despite their being present in some of the most popular stories in the Bible - a God who regrets (the flood of Noah), a God who wants us to argue with Him (Jacob wrestling with God in the desert), and thus a God who changes His mind (Moses convinces God to spare the Israelite people), and a God who allowed nature, and the creation itself, from the very start, to rebel (Adam's and Eve's betrayal in Eden).
With riveting chapters on the origins of life, a scientist's view of creation, and the unique place of our planet in the galaxy, God According to God offers a radical paradigm shift that will forever change how we understand God."



A Government ...

That does care for the citizens it represents and does not:

- 'indebt' them
- jail them
- poison them with
trash food
trash culture
trash medicine
trash law
- divide them
- pack them in
- enlist them

in one word, cut them from who they are:


Knights of the 'Lost Freedom': ........ The Paradox (Pt1)

"Know What ? You're The Hero !"

Who ever said some people, some laws, some institutions, some governments, some NGOs have to provide humanity with freedom, with liberty, with happiness ??

Answer: the ones who have for centuries, for millenaries the habit of being oppressed, of being used, of being enslaved.

Are human babies born with chains, with helmets, without loving parents ? Yes, for those who are born from enslaved men and women, enslaved by poverty, by misery, by illness, by debts, by depravation.

But, these people are in such a condition not because they want it, neither because they deserve it but because some people have made them who they are, because evil is on the side of strength, because people who lead are not good and merciful toward their less skilled brothers, because power corrupts only corrupted people from start.

So, now that there is a whole population of enslaved humans, these same people that are guilty of enslaving others come and say: "look, we'll provide you with laws, with police, with armies that will protect your "rights" to BECOME free.

Hypocrites walk with straight heads and good consciousness don't they ? Do we really believe that we are naturally born into servitude that there is nothing more to do about it than accepting the tools given to us for "reconquering" our so-called lost freedom from the same people who have thrown chains around our necks ?

What must also be understood is that wars, extremism and terrorism, including of course false flag operations, are the pretext for usual forms of oppression to go on flourishing under the guise of established religions, states and laws protecting ... "natural" enslavement of humanity.


To See the Evil is to Defeat it !
(well, nearly !)

Before watching the following videos that are unique in clearly explaining
the roots of today voluntary servitude, please have a look to this site:

In the page called "Victims of DU"
(depleted uranium)
you will see the most terrible mayhem
the so-called most reknown democracy
of the world is able to do to innocent civilians
that pose no threat whatsoever to America.




Videos of Stephan MOLYNEUX
(WARNING about Molyneux's Hidden Agenda)