Standing for MAN's Rights

"We just need to trust in ourselves and in the force 
that created us for our own unique purpose in life."

Being Faithful to Oneself
Like this young Kenyan woman:


(Of Course, Also a Woman !!
and children)

It is not a question 
of religion, of nationality, of color, of tribe 
but of all humanity !!!

Mankind's honor is in total jeopardy between devil hand.
There are numerous attacks on humanity currently being waged through:

Nation's Armies: Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia,

Private military forces: South/Central America,

Corporations: Death by poisonous vaccines,
                      Death by modified seeds,
                      Death by radioactive contamination,
                      Death by food (modified and poisonous), water (fluoride...) and air (chemtrails...),
                      Death by legal drugs (alcool, tobacco, medicines - antidep or antiATD...),
                      Death by Outraging Nature, and tribal peoples (http://www.survivalinternational.org/films/penanappeal),
                                                and not only tribal people !!!

Government Agents: Judges (laws), Police (including worldwide NSAs, CIAs...), Education,

Public Services: Banks (nations and individuals debts), Hospitals, Political Factions, Medias, Research- Centers, NGOs,

Group Beliefs: Stoning, Children Mutilations, Slavery, Prostitution (a defect of humanity rather than a group belief but humanity is only the biggest group !), Religious Violence,

Individuals: People who by their audience draw a larger attention than the average from public view and who                                                                   use it to add to their personal role a public impact of wicked advises.

Not an exhaustive list, unfortunately.


Jane BURGERMEISTER, a reknown journalist, has just saved herself 
from an attack of the corrupt Austrian judiciary arm that, 
because of her fight against poisonous vaccines, 
intended to strip her of the basic right to be free. 


Mrs BURGERMEISTER endured this attack because she is fighting against the corruption at the top of the pharmaceutical business that is currently trying to poison parts of humanity through vaccines imposed on peoples after false flag operations to create or simulate microbian or viral pandemies.

We need, and we have, people like Mrs BURGERMEISTER, but there is more to be done in order to set us free from the mainstream oppression going on for centuries and becoming more and more elaborated and perversed.

The hope, if there is one, is that we will succed in our fight, if not tomorrow then the day after but, the most important thing of all is to wake up the youth, to put young people in front of the reality, the need of a battle, the urgence of the fight, the scope of the battlefield, the means of winning, the examples of fighting.

It would be interesting to write a list of all the fights, past and present, their fate and of what remains to do.

SURVIVAL has a story of victory too :

David v. Goliath: Indian Tribe in ‘Stunning’ Victory Over Mining Giant

"A tribe in India has won a stunning victory over one of the world’s biggest mining companies. In an extraordinary move, India’s Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has blocked Vedanta Resources’ controversial plan to mine bauxite on the sacred hills of the Dongria Kondh tribe.

Mr Ramesh said Vedanta has shown a ’shocking’ and ‘blatant disregard for the rights of the tribal groups’. The Minister has also questioned the legality of the massive refinery Vedanta has already built below the hills.
The news is a crushing defeat for Indian billionaire Anil Agarwal, Vedanta’s majority owner and founder. "
"The struggle has pitted the 8,000-strong tribe, nearly all of them illiterate, against the might of an $8bn company and its founder, himself worth some $6bn. The Dongria Kondh have mounted numerous protests, and two of their leaders were abducted and beaten before being released, in an atmosphere of increasing violence.

In recent days an inquiry panel set up by Minister Rameshrecommended the mine be blocked, saying that Vedanta had acted illegally and with ‘total contempt for the law’.

Survival campaigner Dr Jo Woodman, who experienced first-hand the atmosphere of intimidation in the Dongria’s hills, said today, 'This is a victory nobody would have believed possible' ..."


If we must protest against the manufacturing of arms, how much more so against the "blessing" of horror weapons of all kinds by religious factions associated with governments and corporations.
There is a lot to do and the key word if: 
"Where there is no man, try to be a man".
There are so many causes worth to fight for, in one's own life, in one's circle, all kinds of causes and we are all invited to get engaged in the ones we find on our path. Even and even so, small and local causes are worth supporting because they are the basic nest of working out community bonds and achieving oasis of honnor and honesty in an ocean of rough waves.

The most important is not to loose hope, not to under estimating one's own part in the global process of elevating mankind to the level it should stand, a prosperous worldwide civilization where each people is free and happy in his own way.

Is THE communication’s basis of Mankind

Jane Goodall on what separates us from the apes

Jane Goodall hasn't found the missing link, but she's come closer than nearly anyone else. 
The primatologist says: 
"the only real difference between humans and chimps is 
our sophisticated language." 
She urges us to start using it to change the world,

and where is the hope ? 

-         We must speak to each others to lay down the drawing and build a true sustaining Society.
-         To speak to each other, we need to know each other.
-         To know each other, we must respect each other.
-         To respect each other, we must understand each other.
-         To understand each other, we must feel something toward each other.
-         To feel something toward each other, we must be family,
or … friends !

To have a friend in every living creature is amazing. The difficult part comes with human creatures ! Man can make of himself a detestable creature one can hate. What can be despised in a man is the result of his vices, the rejection of his morally and physically inherent moral part of his human nature. One won’t get lots of friends with a load of vices in his life. Friendship needs the highest values to be shared until it solidifies. Goodness, patience, honesty, joy…

As long as the best of a man is shared, you can be a pair of friends, and that will last until one or the other brings this relation to stall. One can have infinity of pairs of friends, because friends, like electrons, stand in a pair. This pair has a life of its own, it can distance itself or become closer, but the relation’s strength is not dependant directly in the physical proximity. On the contrary, as tight is the link when the friends are together appears to be, as weak will it be when they are far away, and the contrary.

The first root of friendship is freedom; friendship needs to be free from management since it implies from its conception a full respect of the other’s liberty of being who he is. A pair of friends is like a pair of particles:
non-separability, that mysterious influence which links together two particles outside of space and time. And so there exists a « global causality » in the universe that requires the existence of this other level, whatever explanations may be proffered.” (http://www.uip.edu/uip/spip.php?article440&lang=en, Chapter 2)

So, when you create friendship, you create another reality, you put stones of a transcendental loving world, an invisible though real network of loving links. Like particles, you are “entangled”: “ A and B, once they have interacted with each other become part of a non-separable reality, no matter how far apart they are, even if they are at opposite ends of the universe.” (Trinh Xuan Thuan, astrophysicist, university of Virginia, Vietnamese-born raised in the Buddhist tradition)

In the end, what will remain of matter ? of Energy ? Well, only the idea, the essence of life, the outer principle of being - because matter is not being, the history of relationships between particles, between objects and between minds, the history of their interactions. Matter has no substance in itself, no inner reality. Matter is just the support, the frame where can exist relationsships, emotions, ideas, numbers in a canvas where they are all related to one another and to the support itself of this invisible network of hidden reality which is as real as the perceived reality.

Jean STAUNE gives us 

a new definition of faith:

When we talk about the implications of new scientific theories, the facts advocating another level of reality are not often enough separated from the ones concerning the existence of a meaning at this other level. Fourastié remarks that, for materialists, existing reality is no different from reality that can be observed or that will be observed in the future. Naturally, the existence of another level of reality that could be neither observable nor detectable would not concern science.

The potential scientific demonstration of the existence of such a level would therefore constitute a first phase in the step we are seeking to accomplish. But that is not enough because nothing guarantees the existence of a meaning at this other level (it could be ruled by chaos). 
Moreover, to quote the philosopher André Comte-Sponville, there are « intelligent materialists » who admit the existence of this other level. According to him, being a materialist is being out of tune with the universe, having plans and feelings in a universe which has neither plans nor feelings. 
On the contrary, being a believer is being in tune with the universe, thinking that the universe has plans and feelings, just like we do. So, the real question is : are we or are we not out of tune with the universe ?”

Bernard d’ESPAGNAT gives us 

a new definition of God:    
For indeed in it, as we saw, the ground of things, alias, Being, lies beyond the reach of conceptualized knowledge, and mystery is not therefore something negative that has to be eliminated. On the contrary it is one of its constitutive element. 
The above mentioned conflict between science and religion therefore vanishes. A metaphorical but expressive way of stating this is to say that in the form they conceived of it the classical physicists’ task seemed to be to explain everything by starting “from the bottom,” that is from elementary material components taken to be the fundamental entities and by showing that little by little they combine in such a way that finally the complex colorful world we see emerges. 

While, to the – limited – extent to which the word “explanation” may be used in this case, my own conception of present day physics rather favors, as religions do, an explanation “from the top,” that is, to repeat, grounded on a Being endowed with some mysterious unity and whose essence is not fully describable by means of conceptualized talk alone.

The "Being" 
explained by Jean STAUNE:

What does he demonstrate?

First the falseness of a mechanistic vision of a world; the one of a world made of small material points in interaction thanks to a certain number of forces. This falseness of this mechanistic vision leads to the falseness of another basic postulate, which we shall call here “separationism”. Meaning that what happens here, in certain conditions, cannot have influences over there. The experiences known as entanglement, or as non-locality, show us a global and holistic vision, with which, in particular conditions of course, what precisely happens here can also have an effect over there and 2 objects yet separated by dozens of kilometers, must be conceived as one single object transcending our space and time.

The idea that the world is made of localized object the existence of which does not depend on the human consciousness is incompatible with certain predictions of quantum mechanic and with facts established by experience. (1)

The other and last very important conclusion is that this world in which we live, a world immerged in space and time, energy, matter, is not ontologically sufficient, does not explain itself only by itself, is not self sufficient, cannot be its own cause.
I quote here d’Espagnat “Science doesn’t give authentically access to the Real in the ontological meaning of the word, but only to the links between phenomena. Relatively to our usual empirical reality, precisely the one of phenomena, the Real in itself – or “ontological” – can therefore be thought of a sort of non-knowable “surreal”.
What is very important here is that Bernard d’Espagnat does not present ideas, but facts he claims to be demonstrated by the knowledge of the Real we get from physics. According to Bernard d’Espagnat, this refutation of the mechanistic vision, this proof of the holistic, the global or non divisible character of the world and this proof of the non-ontological character of the reality level on which we live are provided by science and not philosophy. 

Thus, science wouldn’t prove a philosophy in particular but refutes a great number of philosophies. Not only those based on a universe of 10 000 years which would be the center of the world, but also all those based on the classical materialistic conceptions.
This does not ban any form of materialism but makes it much more difficult for it to be conceived.
Once this is demonstrated, one may go further, but it would then be speculation or a philosophical opinion and not strict scientifically demonstrated facts. Among those conjectures, we must nonetheless seriously consider the hypothesis of the existence of a “call of the Being” to Man ” (2), hypothesis upheld by the testimony of certain « intuitives », « mystics », « contemplatives ».
This is not scientifically proved but the knowledge on the world we get from science does not a priori put the existence of such calls in an absurd category, even though, for numerous modern philosophers and thinkers those are only auto-illusions and human inventions.

Here are three citations to finish off:
“One of the teachings of modern science “of so called matter” is the following: the “thing” if there is one, which remains preserved is not concrete but abstract. It is not something which is close to the senses but which on the contrary is a pure mathematically abstract number such as theoretical physics has revealed to us. In other terms, compared to our senses and the concepts that are familiar to us (which can assess the possibilities), reality is undeniably distant. In order to do justice to this very important discovery when we speak about it, I think that it is crucial to know that the word “matter” is the wrong one and that the more appropriate word “Being” should be reintroduced (3).”

What an extraordinary conceptual leap when what is considered as real is in fact abstract, not concrete and closer to mathematical formulae than a grain of sand! Quite the opposite of all the scientific and materialist conceptions of the previous centuries!
This is of extreme utmost importance because according to d’Espagnat, to leave references to the Being is one of the main causes of the crisis our civilization undergoes.

“Plato’s ideas do not belong to space-time but they exist independently of the human mind and are the cause of phenomena. This is why, when we talk of Plato, we sometimes talk of the realism of essences. In this sense (a distant independent reality, probably not situated in time and space-time), it is difficult for the philosophical realism of a physicist to avoid being a little bit Platonist. Bohm himself, previously a standard bearer of the “materialist” physicists, even says now that perceived objects are only projections of what exists (4).”

Thus we see a legitimization of a scientific Platonism which is a philosophical consequence of the scientific demonstration of our world’s non-ontological character.
Finally, d’Espagnat’s conception, among many other aspects, also applies to the issue of the mind and the spirit. D’Espagnat refutes the idea that the spirit could be an epiphenomenon resulting from matter, the summit of a vertical ladder starting from atoms up to matter because according to him, the characteristics of the atoms partly depend on the way we, the Human beings, observe them with our conscience. Exactly the same way a rainbow’s speed and position depend on the speed and position of the human being observing it; the rainbow does not have its own speed and position, particles constituting the structure of matter neither.

“We have seen that the ideas that this materialism uses as conceptual bases, atoms, particles etc, can only be the components of an empiric or epistemological realism, that is to say a division of reality which we manage by thought in order to give account of our communicable experience. It is clear that the thesis of thought as a mere epiphenomenon (that of a thought emanating from a brain purely composed of atoms) is logically incoherent since objects which are meant to explain thought only have an existence themselves relative to the thought.(5)”
 The necessity for the Real in itself, the true Real, to be a sort of “surreal” much more deeper than the world we live in,
 The refutation of the mechanistic vision which is at the root of most of the common materialistic philosophies,
 The reintroduction of the sense of the “Being” but also of a possible link between the Being and Man making the various testimonies of a certain number of mystics or contemplatives conceivable.

Creative Coherence

“Creative Coherence and Intelligent Design In conclusion, I’d like to pursue a more speculative thought. The fact that a certain coherence exists in our universe is not surprising in itself. 
As noted by proponents of the weak anthropic principle, life could not have developed in an incoherent universe, where the fundamental laws were constantly changing. Even if the universe was born from pure chance, it is still necessary for it to be relatively coherent ; otherwise, we wouldn’t be here to observe it. 
But nothing obliges such a universe to prevent a civilization from sending information faster than the speed of light in order to travel through time, or creating inconsistencies like the ones we see in science fiction films, where a character can go back in time and murder his own parents, for example.

We now have proof that something can go faster than light from various areas of research : non-locality, the tunnel effect, quantum teleportation and others. Yet as we noted before, it is as if we can only acknowledge the existence of faster-than-light phenomena, a fundamental law of nature prevents us from using them in any way. It is therefore logical to assume that an intelligent designer, one concerned with preventing total chaos and establishing the necessary conditions for life would create a universe where time travel or other such inconsistencies are impossible. For there is no reason that a universe born out of pure chance would forbid such activities.

These are tantalizing and inspiring thoughts. However, we still need to know much more about the workings of nature before we can say these developments in quantum physics can be used as a base for further considerations about the design, or the designer, of the universe.”

Faith is looking after the Creator

and science is looking after His lever.

There is a lot more to think about these subjects and, since there is a sense in the universe, what is it ?
Here, the God of science fails to give a meaning since it refuses to grant an identity behind this bundle of facts. Proving that there is a design implies the existence of the designer.

Here, we must insert the spiritual experience of the interactions of consciousness in the history of the worlds, and how this virtual but real world is evolving, towards which aim and, what would be interesting to know is what interaction exist between its development and that of the material world. In searching for facts in such a parallel, we could maybe understand better what are we are supposed to reach as a spiritual (and material) state of being, of life, and what this state actually is in mankind’s reality.

We would thus have probably a lot to cry about us …



- A Roof with water, electricity, heating, AND NO TAXES
- A Garden, if not near the house, then not so far away in a collective field with public transport access

- Enough Good Food

- Healthcare including glasses, dental and all medicines, hospital, private doctors and all what is needed,

- A Job & a Formation

- Free GOOD Education from child nurseries to professional schools and universities





would in fact be a slow moving process, 

beginning where we are, a consciousness revolution, first  leaving all that is military empty of manpower, then, changing the laws from “respect of egoism” into morally driven rights of being, then replacing the teams of government by fine professionals of each field not led by greed but by the desire of improving life, then too having all hidden projects concerning humanity put in light, either from states or corporations, then, when all is secure, helping the poor and curbing violence worldwide, meanwhile, building trust and hope around every city and village around the world.


There must be less work, an equal possibility between men and women but the need to have them time to care for their families, so, no more than 30 hours work a week. The rewards would be more or less equal in the ends for all the needs through life would be covered by subsidizing the sellers with the benefits of the inter-people economies and the buyer with the profit of stopping all arm making and consequently wars.

For this to happen, we need only men to be friends of one another, and time.
It would be a free “capital-communist” world, with no sharks that grasp a majority of wealth have fun with luxus while others suffer and die. 
The following are ideas to be developped to lay grounds for a reconstructed society.

Laws must be adapted accordingly to offer acceptable paying rewards to quality work. The basic salaries must afford peoples to use all municipal services, to own a car and to buy the car itself at no more than 1/10 of the salary. Communications would count for another 1/10.

Electricity and water, though free, will allow certain amounts based on the largest estimates of the middle consumption of today.

There is enough for all mankind if properly cared and shared. Free water, sanitation, housing, health care, food, electricity, and the minimum wage must be enough to buy clothes, household, car, insurances, phones,

Leaders, public and private, Sport, Music and Cinema idols will share tomatoes in their Hollywood properties, Billionaires will be a past nightmare, and nonetheless, everyone will go on with his talents but, instead of accumulating money, their abusive profits and access will be shared and invested for the benefit of the needier at first.

No one will have less than he has but under a certain limit, something like 3000$/month/person. Meanwhile, the price index must be lowered and every financial aspect reduced in amounts, as well of gains as quantities of money used and transferred every day.

Like today, there will be possibilities to earn more in time sharing, above a “free” minimum of 6,5 hours/day, 32/week of 5 days, All the currents services will remain the same, at the beginning, buying/renting/hiring/depreciation, like salaries, and be lowered slowly in amounts but not in buying power as prices will concurrently go down.

 At the same time, other means of “buying” goods should be revisited. In the working hours is counted a travelling time of ½ h that is “paid”. Work will be six hours with a total of 20mn break.


There are 2 ways to remove liberty from a free creature.
First of all, putting it into chains, and suppressing its liberty from outside,
secondly, forcing it to become dependent of needs and habits, suppressing liberty from inside.

In the second case, there are many ways to achieve the aim of putting internal chains but the reason it is possible to do so is because, if you cannot enslave a creature that doesn’t want to be slave, you can enslave by trading parts of “freedom”, by enslaving by stealth, little by little, by having a sane person become ill.

To become enslaved internally, one must agree in some way, or fool oneself, or the aggressor has to fool the creature.

You cannot sell love to someone already in love but only to those who are looking for it. You cannot sell false desires of happiness to someone who knows what happiness means (Tribal People for example), you cannot sell a paradise in the sky to people that have found theirs on earth.

Only people who are standing on a three leg chair will be ready to buy a fourth leg. When you see a strange looking individual, you can ask what is his problem, from a personal psychological view point. But when you see a group of individual acting as a mad crowd, you must ask what interest is leading them to behave so because there must be one, a whole crowd cannot become mad at once.

A group who is behaving as a mad crowd is expressing a collective perceived illness and also reveals  weakness. This group is made of weak individuals that have rejoined in the hope to be stronger together but that didn’t know that adding a weakness with another cannot help without a clear plan on how to fight the weakness.

External weakness comes from oppression but, internal weakness comes from a wrong assessment of who you are, and from believing  your needs are else than natural ones. Illness  comes from the habit of feeling weak and expresses itself in changing oneself in the opposite way to the one the oppression is perceived from coming.

The only hope of strength for these ill peoples is to fight the right oppressor, inside and outside. Outside are people that have interest in seeing them like sheep who are barking in a void, and inside is the habit to behave like that, trying to be different than what we are because the original creature is despised because of its flaws, not understanding that this is the  missing leg .

The missing leg is to see in oneself a frontage of who we are, because we are deceived in many expectations we dreamed of. Love, professional success, home, joy, works, cultural poverty, a money centered life, divorce from nature, honesty, friendship … The society we live in is not worth the smallest ghetto of cavemen !!!

So, many adopt a “style”, a “look”, a “way of life”, a “religion”, a “club”, a “hobby”, a “dog”, anything that will promote them to the standing of a recognized entity, a relational fellow, a known piece of – something- in the society. The weakest they are physically or morally, the most extreme their shop window will be.

Most of them perfectly know they fool themselves and that Scientology will never give them what they need because it is a church with no god, but they also believe that society will never be worth for them, that society could ever change to a point they will be recognized better than in the false church, that they will have the possibility to be listened to and be cared for in their best dreams.

So, why not fool oneself if it is to get a little of what in any case I could never get normally ?

Well, this is where a sick person can find his balance back. There is something to do because, exactly like the universe is not what it is by chance, it has adjusted laws, the society is not what it is by chance too. And if it is far from being what it could be, imagine the last millenaries without war, with human helping each others, it still can be reversed to a good path, the minimum is to know we are heading over a cliff and that we have the power to avoid jumping and reversing the vapor to a natural life that would shine for the majority and not a minority.

There are fights that are worth to fight, these are fights that are freeing us of the all powerful economic and military entities that are oppressing the world and driving it to deep abysses  of madness and perversity.  

- this post needs editing but I have to stop for a while, sorry -

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