All we Need is FRIENDS

"When you will look at the stars, they will no more be for you cold
dots of light because you, only you, know that on one of them, you
have a friend" (Saint Exupery)
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I was wondering about how to begin a global revolution that would send to the moon the greedy satanic people who dominate humanity since "eons" like they love to say as if they where gods ?

Many people are in fact trying just that around the world and, particularily in 'developped' nations, they are building local communities around interests like social/political freedom

[New Hampshire "Free State Project",
Boulder County in Colorado,
Zeitgeist local movements,
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxnQSGdGpOU&feature=player_embedded#! (6'15" - end)

or ecology for most of them.

I don't disagree at all with all these experiments but I wonder what will be their long term fate. To build a community, you need a cement stronger than an idea. Civilizations, religions, all forms of 'cultural tribes' have come to an end and have diluted in the global money market ruled by the law of military strenght.

The best example may be the french revolution that was based on the strongest desire of all time, to get rid of the tyran kings, the Franks that where reigning since 12 centuries after having expelled the Romans. Two years and a half after having put an end to the Franks' tyranny, the same people began anew with official terror, with murder and mayhem. Since then, the wars went non stop, inequality has been the same, maybe a little less, but not that much.

The real mean to create a durable community has to be based on a natural link that can never be overtaken by corruption, by depravity or simply by force. The corner stone has to be the only natural link that man can respect forever because it involves his honor of being a human being, the strongest link between people is love but, instead of this word that has so many meanings that it does not involve any seriousness, I'd like to speak of friendship. Friendship may be even stronger than love because it involves freewill at its best. Love can depend on partiality, on mood, on events but friendship, because it is completely free of any dependancy, retains its strenght for ever.

What do need children ? Whether they have their parents love, a good home, a nice school, they need friends.
What do need adults ? Friends. Friendship is a natural desire of people and the sole normal way to achieve one's emotional balance in life.

The only problem is that, like any sentiment, friendship is no more what it should be, a natural way of expressing the desire to share freely with people around whom we love. Today, friendship has to be about something, friendship has to hide behind a goal, a hobbit, a cultural society. Friendship cannot exist freely without a cultural meaning.

Try to google "friends" and, you'll get 90% of the results being of the american sitcom. There are no more friends outside the trend, outside the programmed activities that people are supposed to perform and that supposedly define who we are. Like love, friendship has sunk into the claws of a determined identity carefully designed by the hidden architects of the 'modern world'. To be friends, you have to be yuppies, gays, videogamers, or even simple collector of postcards of firefighting trucks between 1958 and 1963, and so on. You must share an identical cultural strata of our materialistic civilization, of the so-called "advanced post everything today world".

It is even more clear in another sitcom of lawyers some time ago, don't remember the title, but anyone working in that firm and making an outside friend had to bring him in the box, to share him, or her, with the colleagues, and in the end to lose him or to be excluded from the "elite's club", the "illuminati".

So, we have a pretty hard task in front of us, because the root of local communities on which to build the human chain of liberty, true liberty, not the one written like god on a money bill, the basic link that is friendship has itself to be regained. The house of mankind must be rebuilt nearly from scratch but, still, we can count on ourselves to find in our hearts the core principle on which to lay the foundations of the humanity that ought to become our natural nest, the humanity from which we have deserted so far away and so long ago, the humanity without which we are doomed to disappear.

But, don't worry, if mankind vanishes in a nuclear firework, life will not stop and, of the smallest remnant, be it a spider or a single cell, evolution will rebuild everything with time, and maybe, the next highest life form to appear on earth will know how to listen to its inner voice that whisper in all the creation:


NB1: I didn't even mention the evil invention of virtual 'communities', of ghost friends like Facebook and Co.

NB2: I did not speak of the antique original Tribal peoples that are still living in some remote oasis scattered in the middle of our global 'civilization' and how they are well aware of its egoistic and brutal character. They don't need to step in a 'developped' city to understand what laws are driving the people who live there. Just listen to them and be surprised by their instinctive fear to be integrated in our 'modern' world !!


- btw, the 'survival' does not only concern the Tribal peoples
all mankind,
 the Tribal peoples may not be the less fit to survive because, 
if we (our global civilization) threaten them, 
we first of all are threatening ourselves !! -

Quotes taken from Survival’s book We Are One and archives:
We were made the same as the sand, we were born here. This place is my father’s father’s father’s land.
Bushman, Botswana
We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful rolling hills, the winding streams with tangled growth as ‘wild’. Only to the white man was nature a ‘wilderness’ and only to him was it ‘infested’ with ‘wild’ animals and ’savage’ people. To us it was tame.
Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux, American Indian
Our land belongs to us because we belong to the land.
Wichi, Argentina
I do not think the measure of a civilisation is how tall its buildings of concrete are, but rather how well its people have learned to relate to their environment and fellow man.
Sun Bear, Chippewa, American Indian
This land is the house we have always lived in.
Linda Hogan, Chicksaw, American Indian

Chana Tova umetuka to jews,
(Sweet and happy new year)

and a very warm and big handshake to others
with all my friendship to everybody ...
so so seriously of course !!!

Avi G.


Jane Burgermeister
is FREE from unjust court accusation !!





Thanks to the tremendous support of so many people from all over the world as well as all the publicty my case received, I am a free person once more – and, boy, does that feel wonderful!

Today I collected a letter from Judge Hannes Winge of Vienna’s Döbling Court informing me that he has stopped the court guardianship procedure initiated by Judge Michaela Lauer of Hietzing court on June 29th, 2010.

Judge Winge examined the reasons given to justify a court guardianship and found they were not at all credible although he appeared to be under great external pressure to impose a guardianship on me.

A big thanks to him for doing his job, for being ready to look at the facts and the evidence and for upholding the law with integrity.

The consequences of a court guardianship would have been dire for me. Such a guardianship should usually only be applied to the very elderly person if they can no longer take care of their affairs, for example, because they have Alzheimers. Not even Lilliane Bettencourt at 87 has a court guardian!
A court guardian has the power to make all decisions for you – take charge of your money, your property and consign you to a mental institute – and you can never get out because the court guardian makes all your decisions.

Just a couple of weeks I saw the scars on the arm of Harald Matschiner, an Austrian activist, after he was given forced drugs when he was consigned to a mental asylum for a week  in what appears to be a disturbing new pattern of political persecution in Austria.

 Judge Lauer of the Court in Hietzing initiated the court guardianship procedure in connection with settling the estate of my late father Dr Matthias Bürgermeister, who died on October 23, 2009.

In Austria, the local court routinely administers estates, so you cannot escape them. In the UK, by contrast, there is no automatic involvement by the local court. A solicitor handles an estate as happened in the case of my Mother who died in London.

Judge Lauer systematically misused the routine matter of winding up an estate to create excuses to put me under a court guardianship. Trivial and verifiably false as her claims were, it looked like she would get away with imposing a court guardianship on me because there seemed to be no independent mechanism of review functioning – not with the Ombudsman, not with the state prosecutors and not with the upper criminal court.

This apparent absence of any independent review turned a flagrant miscarriage of justice that should have been stopped fast into a Kafkaesque nightmare.
What this expereince had done is made me acutely aware of how the civil rights we have taken for granted can be snatched from under us by a corrupt judicial system.

Judges and state prosecutors played a key role in the collapse of Germany into a Nazi totalitarian state.

For their role in destroying justice and inventing “state crimes” and using the hollow forms of the law to hunt, arrest and imprison political opponents, the judges and prosecutors were putting on trial at Nuremberg in 1947.
Special „war laws“ which created an “enemy within” and special courts were set up to deal with political opponents in Nazi Germany, and there was no shortage of judges willing to pass the death sentences on critics of Hitler.
In Austria, new „terrorism“ laws which also creates an „enemy within“ and carries draconian prison sentences was due to come into force onAugust 1st, but the legislation has been postponed.

The room for the misuse of such a broad law to hunt down political opponents is obviusly gigantic. A justice system that acts as the long arm of the government and the corporations that control government can sweep up and imprison people under terrorism laws who express legitimate concerns about Baxter’s contamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the bird flu virus in Asutria, inadeqautely tested vaccines and other social issues.
Most troubling is the fact that a corrupt segment of a judicial system in any one country, such as Austria, can now be used to arrest people in all of Europe following the introduction of the new European Arrest Warrant, trials in absentia and the European Invesigation Order.

Controls on whether such arrests are based on adequate evidence appear to be inadequate.

Anyone caught up in a nightmare of false accusations made by some corrupt judge in some part of Europe appears to have little chance of escaping.
It was only thanks to luck that I ever got to see the note of Judge Lauer in which she gave her reasons for putting me under a court guardianship. That was why I was able to photo copy it and then produce the documents showing every statement was false – and not even that seemed to help for a long time.
But how would anyone cope with false accusations coming from another country, perhaps not even knowing the precise accusations and unable to get hold of the evidence proving they were false without access to their home documents. And all this in a foreign language.

The dice are loaded; the game’s outcome foregone.

The Telegraph reported there has been a surge of arrests of Britons dragged to European courts under the new arrest powers. No doubt some cases are legitimate but there appear to be no adequate checks in place to stop illegitimate cases and to prevent some judges misusing their power to conduct large scale politically motivated arrests in Europe.

I sincerely hope no one ever again in Europe has to experience this very modern nightmare of having to face as an individual the monolithic power of a corrupted, totalitarian state. But my experience this summer has made me think this is a distinct possibility if we do not focus attention on ensuring that our justice systems are upholding the law.

The barbaric crimes of the 20th century were crimes committed by the state. Criminal states such as the Nazi German state plunged Europe into the dark ages, causing the persecution and deaths of millions in concentration camps and prisons.

Today, we are standing on the brink of a new totalitarian police state because our civic rights have been so substantilly eroded by these terrorism and other laws.

Ensuring every justice system upholds the law must surely be a top priority.
To finish, I would like above all to thank with my heart the many thousands of people who rallied to help me, who emailed me, and spread the word and who,  by their great support,  kept me free.

Indeed, to taste real freedom again after weeks of having this court guardianship hanging over me like a guillotaine is the most wonderful experience I have ever had.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


What I learned from my last crisis

September 9, 2010


In the past year or so, I have gone through quite a few crisis I would never have dreamed I would ever have encountered.

I, for one, never thought I would ever have been able to manage these kinds of situations.

And yet to my amazement, I did find the strength to meet the many challenges and come through in one piece, thanks also to the incredible generous help and support from so many people.

The most nightmarish experience for me was, of course, the court guardianship process that has just been dropped. I really felt like Prince Myshkin, the character in Fyodor Doestoevsky’s „The Idiot“ who is sentenced to death – only to be pardoned at the last moment.

To be sure, being shot by a firing squad and being put under a court guardianship may appar to be two very different thing.

But the end result looked like it was going to be highly likely the same for me. It could even be argued that being confined to a mental asylum and being given forced medication under a court guardian is even more awful than being shot because it is a long drawn out assault on the emotional, spiritual and mental parts of a human being without any hope in sight.

I certainly experinced intense fear, nightmares, insomnia – but even more than that I experienced more strongly than ever the exhilaration of being alive, the kindness and goodness so many people, and also the inconquerable power of the human spirit when it is working for a higher purpose — freedom, justice, truth — and joined to a force beyond it.

When everything was in doubt, when the future looked for a while so hopeless, I made the experience that so many people have made before me – that God is always with us when we call on him. He is helping us, protecting us and guiding us. Each one of us is indeed far more powerful than we realise.
We just need to trust in ourselves and in the force that created us for our own unique purpose in life.
That is the lesson I have learned from all my experiences.

There is no reason to be afraid because we, human beings, are each of us tremendously strong and tremendously valuable in the bigger scheme of things, and there is a spark of light within us that can never be extinguished.

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